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Strain gauge/load cell signal converter. Input for 4 or 6 wire. Input 1~64mV/V settable by DIP-switch or software, analog output configurable 0~20, 4~20 mA, 0~5 or 0~10 Vdc. Power supply 10~40Vdc or 19~28Vac, Modbus RTU (Requires Z-PC-DINAL2-17.5)

Z-SG is a strain gauge signal converter. Measurements taken using the 6-wires or 4-wires technique are available through Modbus-RTU serial protocol or the analog output. Sensitivity from 1 to 64mV/V, settable by DIP-switch for integer values, via software for real/integer values by connecting to the device via the microUSB port on the front panel. Stable weight indication via Modbus register/digital output. Remote writing of the tare in volatile and/or non-volatile memory by digital input/Modbus register/Modbus commands. Z-PC-DINAL2-17.5, Z-PC-DIN2-17.5, and Z-PC-DIN8-17.5 are mandatory accessories for ModBUS configurations.

  • Multifunction instruments (converters, meters, stand alone/ third-party integrated systems)
  • Nr.1 Analog input for reading (and power supply) strain gauge load cells (6-wire isolated measurement)
  • Nr.1 Analog re-transmitted output of net weight in current (0..20, 4..20 mA) or voltage (0..5, 0..10 V)
  • Nr. 1 Digital Input/Output for operation settings
  • Accuracy class 0,01%
  • ModBUS RTU slave half duplex protocol
  • Multiple calibration methods (with or without PC, known weight and load cell)
  • Programmable functions via DIP switches or software: full scale, threshold exceeding, stable weighing
  • Advanced functions (Z-SG2): configurable resolution, adjustable sampling rate from 5.4 Hz to 1365.3 Hz, adjustable threshold alarm, stabilized measurement by noise filter, “piece counter” function, automatic tare reset

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