Power Supply

Power Supply

A power supply unit (PSU) is an electronic device that supplies energy to multiple devices or electronic systems. The way a PSU works is way too simple: It grabs a bigger load of energy that most devices can not handle and converts that energy into a smaller one with the use of electric transformers, diodes, capacitors and transistors. The most common PSU output voltages in the industry are 5v, 9v, 12v, 24v and 48v. Usually a PSU converts AC current to DC, but there are many other types of PSUs that convert DC current to DC (DC buses), AC current to AC or even three-phase AC current to DC.

One type of PSUs are Switching Power Supply Units, which convert AC current to DC current with the use of high frequency switching transistors. These PSUs are more compact, reliable and efficient. Nowadays these are the most common type of PSUs in the market and industrial environment, with 12v, 24v y 48v being the most common output voltages.

You can also find Linear Power Supply Units, which are a type of PSU that convert AC current to DC by using an iron-core transformer connected in series with a rectifier and finally a smoothing capacitor circuit. This type of PSUs are way bigger and produce more energy loss in the form of heat, which makes them less efficient than switching PSUs. However, linear PSUs produce less noise as compared to switching ones due to the switching current.

Logicbus offers Switching PSUs with many capabilities and benefits:

  • A big variety of voltage/current output for different applications.
  • Compact design with DIN rail.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Low cost options.
  • 80 Plus Certifications

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AC -> DC power supply of 24VDC, 20.8 A and 500 W with DIN rail mounting or with screws. Input frequency 47-63 Hz. UL 508 and 80PLUS certified..
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