Industrial Rugged Keyboard - LOGICBUS

Industrial Keyboards

Our stainless steel keyboards are ideal for mounting in kiosks or places of heavy use, since they withstand both blows, liquid spills or vandalism, they also have special characteristics such as language design, material from which they are made, etc.

Likewise, our keyboards are advanced and resistant equipment that have protections such as NEMA 4X and IP68, which makes them sufficiently resistant to dust, dirt, water, corrosive liquids, in addition to withstanding hot and cold temperatures. These industrial keyboards have a USB or PS2 interface.

If what you require is a 100% waterproof keyboard, our silicone keyboards are the best option, there are them with trackball, trackpoint, joystick and with or without touchpad. We also have medical grade keyboards ideal for places where hygiene is paramount, thanks to its antibacterial cover and easy cleaning, with wireless connection via bluetooth. Finally, there are the numeric keypads with USB interface made of laser-engraved stainless steel and resistant to vibrations, water and shocks.