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How to Buy in the Online Store?

How can I know the price of an item not displayed?

If an item shows the caption ‘Please request the price in Chat’ it would be necessary to contact our support team to know more about the availability and price of the item. This contact could be through our pop ups chat, via email or calling our lines.

Office: +1 619 616 7350
Phone: +1 619 600 1015

For all the other items, the displayed prices apply only on prepaid orders.

All the prices include the shipping fee?

All our displayed prices do not include the shipping cost, unless otherwise indicated.

How can I calculate the shipping cost of my order?

Certainly our system calculates the shipping cost in most of the orders, otherwise you can contact us via email or calling our lines to request for the calculation, and then you will be properly receiving the information to your email.

Office: +1 619 616 7350
Phone: +1 619 600 1015

Which methods of payment can I use to get my order?

All our customers may pay for their items using payment methods such as the following, the availability of which may vary: certain credit or debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal or Wire Transfer.

How can I use my credit card to pay my order?

For the purchasing process using a credit card as a method of payment, our customers can use it through our website after selecting the items, choosing the quantity to acquire, and going to “Add to Cart”, filling all the corresponding fields with your contact information and the shipping information in case that you want to pay the shipping cost or if you want to use your own shipping account. Then you can proceed with the checkout process filling your CC information in the corresponding fields.

In the case that you previously placed a PO with us via email, our sales department will create a special item for your order, and then will provide you with a link to our website to be able to proceed with the checkout there, following the steps previously explained.

Is there an option to acquire my order with a credit?

NET30 payment term is accepted upon credit approval. Credit is subject to personalized evaluation. Credit approval requires 15-30 business days. Credit line is subject to change/evaluation annually.

You can contact us via email or calling our lines to request more information or to apply for the credit approval, and then you will be properly receiving the information to your email.

Office: +1 619 616 7350
Phone: +1 619 600 1015

How long does delivery of my order take?

Delivery time begins after receipt of order confirmation, and all our lead times will depend on the item availability that you are acquiring.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

At Logicbus, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction in every interaction. We understand that circumstances may arise that require the return of a purchased product.

Please complete the following form with the required information to initiate the return authorization process. Our customer service team will review your request and contact you as soon as possible to provide additional instructions and facilitate a satisfactory solution

If you need personalized assistance, our support team is highly trained to help you resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.