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Part number:I-7513
Hub serial con una entrada RS-485 y tres salidas RS-485. Se alimenta de 10 a 30Vdc.

The I-7513 is a 3-ch RS-485 Active Star Wiring Hub. The unit has three independent RS-485 output channels, each with their own driver, which can transmit signals across 4,000 ft (1200 m) of cable on each channel.

The I-7513 includes both Hub and Repeater functions, so each output channel can be connected to another hub.

The isolation site of the I-7513 is located in the input and output interface circuit. In other words, the I-7513 is a three-way isolation module.

  • Industrial Isolated RS-485 hub
  • Expands RS-485 Network to up to 4000 Feet (1.2km) by Splitting One RS-485 Network into Three
  • Each channel on the hub has its own RS-485 driver.
  • Better Protection: 3000V DC Isolation on Each of the Three RS-485 Channels
  • Input (Master): 1 RS-485 Channel: Data+, Data-
  • Output (Slave): 3 RS-485 Channels: Data+, Data-
  • Fast Speed: Built-in Self Tuner, Supports Speed up to 115200 bps
  • Auto Switching Baud Rate, Plug and Play, Easy-to-use
  • No Software or Flow Control Required.
  • No DIP Switch or Jumper Settings Needed.
  • Easy to install: Din rail mount and plug-in screw terminal block connector
  • External Power Input: RecommendedLP1025D-24S
  • Low Power Consumption: 2.2W (Maximum)
  • Operating temperature: -13F to 167F (-25ºC to 75ºC).
  • Surface Mount Technology manufactured to RoHS and ISO-9001 standards.

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