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Part number:Profibus-8455-G
NOTE: Discontinued product. Recommended replacement: Profi-8455

PROFIBUS Remote I/O Unit with 4 Expansion Slots.

The PROFI-8455 Remote I/O Unit is specially designed for the slave device of PROFIBUS DP protocol. It supports up to 4 slot, I-8K series, I-87K Low Profile series, and I-87K High Profiles series I/O modules. In addition, we also provide hot-swap function for I-87k High Profiles series I/O modules. To setup network, users can choose and configure I/O modules by using the GSD file without any other setting tools.

  • Protocol & Hierarchy, DP-V0 Slave
  • Supports Transmission Rate (Kbps), 9.6, 19.2, 45.45, 93.75, 187.5, 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000
  • Transmission Rate Setting, detected automatically
  • Address Setting, 0~126 set by Rotary switches
  • Indicators, PWR, ERR, and RUN LEDs
  • I/O modules Configuration, Configured by GSD file
  • Supports I/O modules hot-swap, I-87K High Profile series
  • Network Isolation Protection, High Speed iCoupler
  • DC Isolation Protection, 3000VDC on PROFIBUS side
  • 4KV ESD Protection, Contact for eash termina

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