Expansion module FBs-6RTD


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Expansion module Analog for temperature measurement with 6 input channels for RTD with resolution of 0.1 ° C.

The FBs-6RTD is a module for temperature measurement of the PLC FBs series. Provides 6 input channels for RTD reading with 0.1 ºC and 1 ºC resolution. The scan time has a resolution of 2 s for 0.1 ºC and 1 s for 1 ºC. This module allows 3-wire connection for RTDs with automatic compensation of the resistance introduced by the cables. All the functions included in the module are configurable through software, so there are no additional hardware, switches or connections that the user must adjust.


I / O configuration:
Before obtaining the measured temperature values, the temperature module configuration must be performed using the Winproladder software. The following screen is displayed during the configuration of the inputs and outputs.

The user must assign a record number that will store the data, in the same way, he must establish the part of the record that will contain the configuration tables, the definition of the sensor type, the units, the speed and the number of samples.


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