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Machine Vision Software EyeVision

The EyeVision Machine Vision Software and EyeVision 3D Software offers solutions for different applications, such as e.g.

EyeVision is synonymous for “zero-error-production”, a reduction of production time, for quality and production acceleration and therefore als for a higher customer satisfaction.

Smart Cameras EyeCheck

The EyeVision image processing software runs on the smart camera series EyeCheck.

Vision Sensors EyeSens

The EyeSens vision sensors by EVT are pre-configured for certain application areas and contain commands of the EyeVision software such as e.g. for object- or color detection or for Reading of DMC, bar code, QR code or OCR/OCV.

smart camera EyeSpector SZ

The EyeVision Software runs on the EyeSpector SZ smart cameras.

EyeScan 3D sensors

EyeScan 3D sensors are supported by the EyeVision 3D image processing software.

Ready-to-use Systems

The Ready-to-use systems offer versatile solutions with only a small amount of adjustment and at the push of a few buttons in industries such as food, beverage, electronic as well as areas such as Deep Learning, Thermal Imaging, 2D and also 3D image processing.

EmSens Systems

EmSens Systems consist of software, computing hardware and camera and are preconfigured for a specific application field. They include commands of the EyeVision software for e.g. object detection, color recognition or code reading of DMC, Barcode or OCR/OCV.

EyeSens 3D Profile

EyeSens 3D Profile offers smart Profile Inspection completely without PC. The easy One-Button-Training of the integrated inspection surface of the EyeVision software has ready-made inspection programs. Therefore the user can start the inspection immediately without much configuration.

EVT MIPI Embedded-Vision Kit

EVT offers the Embedded-Vision Kit. With this kit you have the possibility to combine the MIPI hardware with the EyeVision software. Convince yourself from the new Embedded-Vision variations for image processing applications.


EVT offers accessories such as lenses, illumination, boards & cables, single-board computers, etc.

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