Single Phase power converter Z203-1


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Single-phase power converter / isolator to DC voltage, with AC input of 0 ~ 500Vac and 0 to 5Aac and configurable output for Vrms, Irms, P, Q, cosF. DIN rail mounting. Power supply: 10 to 40Vdc or 19 to 28Vac, Communication RS485 Modbus RTU

The Z203 model is a module for single-phase power measurement with an input range of 500 Vac and up to 5 A (50 ~ 60 Hz). This equipment allows obtaining measurements of electrical variables such as Vrms, Irms, Watt, Var, Frequency and power factor. The measurements can be obtained through serial communication in the corresponding Modbus registers. This device has a configurable analog output for current or voltage for retransmission of one of the variables (Vrms, Irms, Watt, Var, Frequency or power factor) selected by the user via DIP switch. The analog output is proportional to the selected variable and scalable by software.

  • RS-485 serial communication with ModBus RTU protocol, maximum 32 nodes
  • Parameters configurable through DIP switch or software
  • Analogue retransmission output isolated
  • Possibility of connection with current transformers
  • Connections via screw terminals and DIN rail mounting
  • Protection against ESD up to 4 KV
  • LED indicators for power, status and communication
  • Isolation between power, inputs and outputs

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Available 1 for immediate shipment, more equipment consult Logicbus.
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Available 1 for immediate shipment,more equipment consult Logicbus.
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