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869 Mhz Radiomodem with RS232/RS485 interface and LoRa radio communication.

Z-LINK1-LO is a 869 MHz radio device designed for remote communication operating in a transparent way with ModBUS RTU protocol and exploiting the physical layer of LoRa (Long Range) transmission technology. Based on a UHF radio modem, Z-LINK1-LO enables communication between SENECA Z-PC Line I/O modules and generic ModBUS devices. Z-LINK1-LO stands for make easier cabling of power and serial bus communication mounted in IEC 60715 DIN rail. The module is easily configured throgh DIP-switches or PC software EASY SETUP. It also includes 2 serial ports (1 RS232, 1 RS485) and an isolation stage between communication and power up to 1.500 V. Compliant with ETSI standards and AES128 data encryption, Z-LINK1-LO can operate in remote I/O or bridge operating modes with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication mode. LoRa technology allows the radio modem to achieve high coverage (up to 1 km with external antenna), 40 mW transmission power, highest noise immunity and sensitivity.

  • Remote plants monitoring.
  • Cabling costs reduction.
  • Configuration by DIPswitches or EASY SETUP software.
  • Operating bandwidth g3, annexed1 ERC 70-03 (869.4 MHz – 869.650 MHz).
  • DSSS modulation.
  • Operating mode: bridge, remote I/O, I/O repeater, point-to-point, point-tomultipoint.
  • Transmission power 40 mW.
  • ModBUS RTU protocol support.
  • Physical layer LoRa technology.
  • RS232 / RS485 serial interfaces.
  • High immunity to radio interference.
  • Max distance covered:1 km.

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