Z-GPRS3 - 2G Datalogger with built-in and expandable I/Os


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2G Datalogger with built-in and expandable I/Os, logic functions, remote control and alarm management

Z-GPRS3 is a datalogger that can meet the growing demands of data acquisition, analysis in real-time, and integration with IT systems existing in automation and system/process monitoring. In line with the new productivity and communication models of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, it is characterized by a GPRS modem, 4 integrated communication ports (1 Ethernet 100 Mbps, 1 RS232/RS485, 1 RS485, 1 MicroUSB), 8 integrated I/O channels (4DI/meters/totalizers, 2AI, 2DO), voice alarms/audio controls with DTMF tones and the support of Ftp, Smtp, SMTP, HTTP rest, HTTPS, ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCP-IP, and SMS communication protocols.

Z-GPRS3 offers maximum opening towards the outside and third parties (PLC, HMI) thanks to the technology standards it complies with such as ModBUS RTU Master/Slave, and Master ModBUS TCP-IP Server/Client. This unit supports different types of SIM cards and has an 8MB Flash memory, a slot for microSD expandable up to 32GB, and a multi-tasking real-time operating system. Like all SENECA advanced dataloggers, Z-GPRS3 is fitted also with a built-in UPS that allows an operating autonomy of up to 1 hour in case of lack of primary power supply. This unit guarantees open and flexible programming, thanks to a dedicated environment for the development of control logic (SeAL), an integrated Web Server, a mobile app SENECA SMS (iOS/Android) for the direct management of controls via SMS and a data import/display tool (Log Factory). Z-UMTS, Z-GPRS3, and Z-LOGGER3 can be integrated with SCADA, Cloud, databases, and third-party web portals already available in the systems or at the final users.

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