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4 thermocouples A/D converter

Z-4TC-D allows to acquire up to N.4 Thermocouple sensors (J, K, E, N, S, R ,B ,T) through a PLC with only digital input/output. The PLC interface is based on three PNP-type signals suited for connection to most PLCs available in the market. The interface is composed of a CLOCK signal generated by the PLC (transistor output), a DATA signal and STROBE signal generated by the module.

  • Interface for PLC on standard digital I/O (only DC).
  • Input for thermocouple and low voltage circuit.
  • Sampling time settable at 450 ms @ 14 bit + sign, 240 ms @ 13 bit + sign.
  • Protection of inputs of up to 60V.
  • 1500V AC input insulation with respect to remaining low voltage circuits.
  • Facilitated wiring of the power supply and the serial bus by means of a bus that can be housed in the DIN guide as an alternative to the terminals.
  • Connection distance up to 100 m (with shielded cable).

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