WebDAQ 316
WebDAQ 316

WebDAQ 316

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Ethernet Enabled Thermocouple Data Logger with 16 thermocouple inputs, 24-bit resolution, 4 digital I/O, embedded operating system and web server; includes external power supply.

The WebDAQ 316 is a stand-alone, temperature logger designed for remote monitoring and control. All the intelligence is built into the WebDAQ, eliminating the need for a PC or additional software. By using the embedded WebDAQ web server, users can easily configure simple or sophisticated applications, log temperature data, update digital outputs and/or send notifications based on alarm conditions, and view real-time data from any location and any device with a web browser.The WebDAQ 316 provides 16 isolated thermocouple inputs, and four isolated digital bits that can be used as trigger inputs or alarm outputs. Housed in a heavy-duty chassis, the WebDAQ 316 is rugged enough for industrial applications.

Integrated Software and Hardware
The WebDAQ Series embedded OS and web server provides an all-in-one package for stand-alone data logging and alarm-ing. Users can monitor and control their applications from anywhere with a web browser.The WebDAQ web server is optimized for both desktop and mobile use. Users can perform data acquisition tasks from phones, tablets and laptops with a single, intuitive user interface.

Remote Access and Control
Install the WebDAQ 316 on any network and access it using any device with a web browser to remotely monitor and control all operations. Users can connect a WiFi adapter to the rear panel and communi-cate with the WebDAQ over a wireless network.Flexible TriggeringStart or stop the acquisition based on analog or digital thresholds, alarm states, or date/time values. On-demand push button triggering is also supported.

WebDAQ Web Interface
An embedded web server provides a clean, intuitive interface to access all configura-tion and data management tasks.Hardware, trigger and alarm settings are contained in a single task, or “job”. Mul-tiple “jobs” can be run in a “schedule” for more complex data logging applications. For example, users can create a schedule of jobs in which one job automatically runs after an alarm condition is triggered on a different job, such as when a temperature is reached or when a digital input changes.

  • 16 thermocouple inputs: Isolated to 250 V
  • Four isolated DIO for triggers and alarms
  • Log data to internal storage or mapped network storage
  • Share folders to view files over a local network
  • Configurable read/write access
  • Alarming and notifications with email and SMS messaging
  • Export data to csv, UFF, or binary for other applications
  • No driver software to install
  • Built-in web server allows access from any device with a web browser
  • Easy, flexible task scheduling
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • WiFi support

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