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Weight indicator model w100 RS485 + RS232

Weight Indicator in DIN case, dimensions 48 x 96 x 130 mm. IP54 front panel protection. Four-key membrane keyboard. Eight indicator led. Real time clock/calendar.

  • Connections to:
    • PLC via analog output (on request).
    • PC/PLC via RS485/RS232 (up to 99 instruments with line repeaters, up to 32 without line repeaters).
    • remote display and printer via RS485/RS232.
    • up to 8 load cells in parallel by junction box.
    • intelligent junction box or other multichannel instruments: allow the use of advanced functions as digital equalization, load distribution analysis and automatic diagnostics.
  • Digital filter to reduce the effects of weight oscillation.
  • Theoretical calibration (via keyboard) and real calibration (with sample weights and the possibility of weight linearization up to 5 points).
  • Tare weight zero setting.
  • Automatic zero setting at power-on.
  • Gross weight zero tracking.
  • Semi-automatic tare (net/gross weight) and preset tare.
  • Semi-automatic zero.
  • Displaying of the maximum weight value reached (peak).
  • Direct connection between RS485 and RS232 without converter.
  • Hysteresis and setpoint value setting.
  • Weight value printing with date and time via keyboard or external contact.
  • The indicator can be used as a remote display with setpoint
  • Panel mounting
  • Six-digit red LED display, 14 mm height
  • RS232 and RS485 ports (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol)
  • 3 logic inputs, 5 relay outputs
  • OIML R76:2006 approved, class III, 10000 divis. 0.2µV/VSI
  • OIML R61 approved - WELMEC Guide 8.8:2011 (M.I.D.)

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