USB-PDISO8/40 High-Voltage and Relay Digital I/O USB Devices


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Part number:USB-PDISO8/40
USB module with 8 isolated high-voltage digital inputs that can monitor up to 30 V AC or DC inputs, 8 c-type relay outputs with 6A output at 240Vac or 28 Vdc, connections through a 40-pin connector, mounting on a DIN rail or on a bench

The USB-PDISO8 / 40 has all the functionality of the USB-PDISO8, but more than a screw terminal, it offers a 40-pin connector compatible with the PCI-PDISO8 connector, making it easier to replace the PCI cards in your applications.
The USB-PDISO8 / 40 is completely plug and play and easy to use. Its low cost and easy-to-use connectors make the USB-PDISO8 / 40 ideal for applications that require the reliable logic level of digital input and output.

  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • 8 isolated digital inputs (24 VAC or VDC)
  • 8 Form-C relays (Contact ranges of 6 Amps @ 240 VAC / 28 VDC)
  • 40-pin connector PCI-PDISO8

Required accessories

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