USB-ERB24 - USB-based relay module


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USB module with 24 c-type relay outputs with 6A output at 240Vac or 28 Vdc,72 screw terminals, divided into two banks of 8 and two banks of 4, DIN rail mounting or in a bank, supports Windows 10/8 / 7 / Vista / XP 32/64-bit

Measurement Computing DIO high voltage and relay USB product offerings include the USB-PDISO8 Series, USB-ERB Series, and USB-SSR Series. The USB-PDISO8 Series offers eight isolated AC or DC inputs and eight electromechanical relays in a single digital I/O system. The USB-ERB Series enables a PC or laptop to control eight to 24 electromechanical relays. The USB-SSR Series can monitor and control eight to 24 standard size solid state relay (SSR) I/O modules (relays sold separately). All devices in these series come in a heavy-duty metal enclosure with integrated mounting slots, which ensures that the devices are rugged enough for any DAQ application.

The USB-ERB24 is a USB 2.0 full-speed device that provides the following features:
  • 24 single-pole double-throw (SPDT) Form C electromechanical relays directly controlled by digital I/O lines
  • Supports configurations as two banks of eight and two banks of four
  • Onboard switches to configure the logic polarity (active high or low) and power-on state for each relay group.
  • Switch settings can be read back with software.
  • Screw terminals for field wiring connections with three connections to each relay – normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), and common (C).
  • USB out and power out connections support powering and controlling multiple MCC USB devices that support daisy-chaining from one external power source and one USB port in a daisy-chain configuration.
  • Rugged enclosure that can mount on a DIN rail or on a bench

The USB-ERB24 is powered by an external 9 V, 3 A regulated power supply that is shipped with the device.

  • USB-PDISO8 Series
    • 8 Form C relays
    • 8 isolated AC or DC inputs
  • USB-ERB Series
    • 8 or 24 Form C singlepole double-throw (SPDT) electromechanical relays.
  • USB-SSR Series
    • 8 or 24 input or output channels to control and monitor solid state relays.
  • Screw terminal or header connectors
  • Heavy-duty chassis with integrated mounting slots
  • Includes external power supply (required for all devices)

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