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Battery-powered Two-Channel Thermocouple Logger with Graphic LCD Screen, sampling frequency of 2s ~ 12hrs, multi-session recording measures and stores more than 250K readings, includes 2 type K thermocouple sensors with range from 0 to 400° C

USB data logger, autonomous, measures and stores more than 250,000 readings of 2 thermocouple inputs type J, K or T at a resolution of 0.1 ° C (2 type K thermocouple sensors are included). Using the included USB-500/600 Data Logger software, users can quickly configure the data logger and view the downloaded data with the device connection to the USB port of the PC using the provided cable.
Sampling interval
The equipment can be programmed with sampling intervals from 2 seconds to 2 hours. The recorder stores the data and then loads it to the USB media computer when the collection is complete.
Smart modes of the recorder

The user can configure the device to start recording data in any of the following ways:
  • Start immediately
  • Start when the recorder button is pressed
  • Start at the selected date and time
  • Start based on a temperature condition Alarms
    • It provides high alarm and low alarm options that can be configured by software. Users can also enable the alarm to be maintained so that the alarm status continues even if the registered value is no longer in an alarm condition. The maintained alarm option allows users to be notified of an alarm condition without the need to download the data from the logger. The alarms are indicated by flashing patterns of the LEDs. This device also has an LCD screen and audible alarm indicators.

      Real-time LCD screen
      The LCD screen can show:
      • Current and maximum / minimum stored temperature values
      • Graphic display of temperature / humidity
      • Registration start mode (if registration does not start immediately)
      • Alarm indicators
      • Animated icon that indicates whether the device is recording data
      • Lock mode indicator when the start / stop button is disabled
      • Multiple registration session
    • Users can start and stop the registration using software or using the buttons of the registrar. This feature allows storage of multiple log sessions between downloads.
    • Features:
      • 2 channels, compatible with thermocouples type K, J and T
      • Record intervals between 2 seconds and 2 hours
      • Immediate start modes, delayed, when pressing button, or thrown by temperature
      • IP67 waterproof protection
      • The LCD graphic display shows real-time readings, graphs and current status
      • Stores more than 250000 measurements
      • Integrated magnets for assembly
      • 2 type K thermocouple sensors included
      • Includes easy-to-use software to configure sampling interval parameters, alarms, start time, and many other applications
      • Deploy, graph and save data in formats such as .csv to import into Microsoft Excel
      • Supported operating systems: Windows 8/7 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3, 32 or 64 bits
      • Download software

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