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Counter, Event and State Logger with USB port, Stores up to 32K readings, Event/state change frequency: 2 Hz, sampling frequency of 10s ~ 12hrs, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility, battery and software included

The USB-505 records events (detects an entry and stores the date and time of occurrence) records changes in status (similar to an event, but also registers when the entry returns to normal)) and counts events (can count the number of events that occur in a period of time, without time or date record). Up to 32,510 events or status changes can be recorded.

With the software for USB-500 series recorders included, you can select the sampling frequency, start time, record mode and perform the data transfer for later analysis. The USB-505 is powered by a lithium battery replaceable by the user. The user can configure the recorder and view the downloaded data by connecting the module to a USB port to a PC, using the supplied software. The data can be graphically represented, printed and exported to Excel or other programs through a * .csv file.

  • Event logger, status changes and event counter
  • Registers up to four times per second for events, twice per second for state changes and 100 times per second for event counting
  • Stores up to 32,510 readings
  • Accepts input voltages up to 24 V
  • Up and down shot
  • Event LED / status change
  • Signal of the connection through two screw terminals
  • 3 months warranty

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