Remote data logger USB-503


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Part number:USB-503
Voltage recorder with USB port, Stores up to 32K readings with range of: 0 Vdc to 30 Vdc, sampling frequency of 1s ~ 12hrs, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility, battery and software included

The USB-503 data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 voltage readings ranging from the measurement range of 0 to 30 VDC. The user can easily set the record rate and start using, and download the stored data by connecting the module directly to the USB port of the PC, and the software designed specifically for these computers under Windows 2000 or XP. The data can be graphical, printed and exported to other applications. The data logger is powered by a long-life lithium battery. The correct functionality of the units is indicated for the flashing of the red and green LEDs. Includes a pair of screw terminals, and a set of measurement cables with clip terminals type caimín.
Control Software: The application software of the USB-500 series data recorders is easy to install and use, in Windows 2000 and XP (Home and Professional Editions). It allows the user to configure the registry and download and display the data graphically in a powerful plotter. The software also has a feature for a large export and excellent publication.

  • Measurement Range: 0 to 30 VDC
  • Intervals of the Registration Rate between 10s and 12h
  • Stores up to 32,510 measurements.
  • Connection to 2 screw terminals
  • USB interface to configure and download the data.
  • User-programmable input alarm
  • LED status indicator red and green
  • Replaceable long-life lithium battery
  • 3 months warranty

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