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Part number:UEIPAC 400-MIL
Integrated operating system: Linux, kernel2.6x or VxWorks | RT compatible: Xenomai RTOS | Dev language: C / C ++, Eclipse | CPU: Freescale8347 @ 400MHz, 32bits | SD card up to 32GB | USB 2.0 port | Dim: 6.2 "x7.1" x8.7 "| Electrical insulation: 350 Vrms | Temp: -40 @ 70 ° C | Max. Altitude: 70,000 feet | 9-36 V DC @ 10 W.

UEIPAC model 400-MIL product family UEIPAC four-slot racktangl I / O model is revised version according to military standards. Although the original version is quite robust, the model of 400 MIL carries the point of resistance. Designed to operate in the most hostile environments, UEIPAC 400-MIL is the ideal solution for aerospace applications with military applications. With its design features, it can also be preferred for any commercial application where oil exploration platforms interact with refineries, heavy machinery, field test equipment and environmental factors. All connections are provided with 38999 connectors that comply with ROHS. Electronically, UEIPAC 400-MIL standard DNR racktangl models with power input to the protection circuit (mandatory for MIL-STD-1275 compliance) and are identical except for structures that prevent influence of environmental factors. When using the standard model of the electronic card 4 I / O slots for the model 400-MIL UEIPAC more than 50 option of I / O card is available. Racktangl new chassis with MIL-STD-461/810 stipulated by the standards designed to provide a compliance of several members and class / protection IP66 NEMA6 are guaranteed to meet the standards. In this specification all 04:45 "6.75 x" 7:35 "x size, lighter and consumes less than 3.2 kg 20W't which is located inside a compact chassis. Rotary media are not used and mechanical reliability and life are increased, all internal printed circuit boards are coated for maximum reliability. The UEIPAC 400-MIL model, which complies with military standards, can also be configured as PowerDNA, UEISIM or UEIModbus.

  • Military type durable connection 38999
  • More than 50 DNR series I / O support cards
  • 5g vibration, IP66 protection class with 100g shock resistance
  • Dual GigE port (control and diagnosis)
  • Designed according to MIL-STD-461/810/1275 standards
  • Large integrated system diagnostic functions
  • Configurable as PowerDNR, UEIPAC, UEISIM and UEIModbus
  • Without rotary cooling unit
  • Extensive software support including Windows, Linux, QNX, RTX
  • VxWorks support for integrated or server configurations

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