UEINet 1553

UEINet 1553

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Part number:UEINet 1553
Extremely compact (2.7 "X4.1" x4.0 ") | Supports 1553, AFDX, ARINC 429/708/453 | Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports | Software included | AC or DC Power | Software compatible with all cubes.

The UEINet 1553 is a high-performance two-channel MIL-STD-1553 interface. Each port operates completely independently and provides a complete redundant 1553 dual interface and can be configured as 1553a or 1553b. The interface "b" fully implements the warnings of specification 1 and 2. Each port is coupled to a transformer, although direct coupling is available as an option. Many 1553 functions are implemented in an integrated FPGA. This greatly reduces the load on the CPU in the chassis and ensures that the 1553 functionality does not limit the processor interface or connectivity to the host PC. Each port can be configured independently as Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus Monitor (BM). As a bus controller, the board supports all standard transfers BC-RT, RT-BC and RT-RT. Remote Terminal support allows the board to emulate up to 31 different RTs on the bus. The bus monitoring mode (BM) provides the ability to monitor all activity or selective activity based on the RT address. In addition to monitoring the data, BM monitors time labels, error status and RT response time. Finally, each DNA-1553-553 channel can be configured to act simultaneously as RT and BM or BC and BM. The UEINet is very suitable for the difficult environments that are sometimes found in flight test applications. The plate is specified to operate from -40º to + 85ºC, from 0 to 70,000 feet. The system is also fully tested to work with a vibration of 5 g and up to a stroke of 100 g. The UEINet 1553 includes a standard MIL-1553 cable interface. A useful loopback self-test adapter is also included. The software included with the UEINet 1553 includes our API 1553, designed to offer simple and easy-to-use controls, and still maintain the ability to access all 1553 functions. The software driver is compatible with all popular operating systems, including Windows Vista and XP and Linux, as well as most operating systems in real time, such as INtime, QNX, RT Linux and more. Software support is also included for all popular programming languages ??and data acquisition application (DAQ) packages, including LabVIEW and MATLAB.

  • 2 independent dual redundant bus interfaces
  • Bus Controller (BC), Remote Term (RT), or Bus Monitor (BM) < li>
  • Multiple RT simulation up to 31 RT's
  • Supports 1553A or 1553B protocols (including Notice 2)
  • Independent major and minor frame timing on each port
  • Transformer or direct coupling
  • 350 Vrms isolation between 1553 buses and chassis
  • Selective RT monitoring in BM mode

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