Ethernet SNMPv.2 70K data logger: TCW260


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Ethernet SNMPv.2 70K data logger, 2 DI, 2 AI 0-10Vdc with 10bits, multiplier and offset, 2 DO relay NA/NC, MODBUS TCP/IP, TLS 1.0/1.1/1.2. up to 5 recipients for email alarm, XML/JSON, HTTP API, NTP, dynamic DNS, HTTP

Energy monitoring module TCW260 supports galvanic isolated digital inputs, analog inputs, and RS-485 interface.

All 4 digital inputs are S0 hardware compatible. They can be used to support up to 4 energy meters with S0 pulse outputs. The digital inputs can also support general dry contact output (ON/OFF) sensors.

The analog inputs can be used either in the current loop (0/20mA) or voltage (0/10V) mode. They can be connected to voltage and current transducers with suitable analog outputs.

MODBUS RTU protocol is realized over the hardware interface RS-485. The energy monitoring module supports up to 24 registers/devices.

All primary parameters (digital and analog inputs as well as MODBUS RTU registers) can be used to arrange up to 24 channels. The channels can be specified as general (current, voltage, temperature, etc.) or cumulative (energy, volume, etc.). All channels can be monitored as digits and as graphs directly on the standard browser over the WEB interface.

All channels can be used to arrange up to 24 independent alarms. There are four categories for every alarm. The alarms can also be monitored as graphs.

The module supports M2M protocols over Ethernet – SNMP, HTTP API, and MODBUS TCP. Using them, the device can be used as a part of energy monitoring systems.

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