Ethernet digital IO module TCW181B-CM


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Part number:TCW181B-CM
Remote I/O module with SNMPv1 support with authentication (SSL/TLS not supported), 1 DI, 2 DO relay NA/NC, email and SNMP trap alerts, with XML and HTTP API, rugged wall mount enclosure/Din rail

TCW181B-CM is 8-channel Ethernet digital IO module. The device is manageable by WEB interface, SNMP programs or user application over HTTP/XML API commands. It can be used as a stand-alone device or as a part of control and monitoring systems.

The IO module TCW181B-CM has eight relays with normally open and normally closed contacts for up to 3 Amperes either AC or DC current. All eight relays of the device can be activated independently or simultaneously.

Supported M2M protocol – SNMP v.1 makes the TCW181B-CM good choice for controlling systems with SNMP manager software.

Ethernet digital IO module supports one digital input, which can work either in “dry contact” or “logic level” mode. The mode is hardware settable by jumper, close to the input.

Every change of status of the input can generate an e-mail or SNMP trap if this function is enabled.

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