SDS1000CML+ Series

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The oscilloscope SDS1052DL + of the SDS1000DL+ series consists of 50 MHz dual channel. Depth of memory of 30 kpts. Screen 7" (800*480) Frequency of 500 MSa/s, supports 32 parameters and common mathematical operations to accelerate measurements
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Oscilloscope Model SDS1000CFL. 200MHz; 2 channels; 2GSa / s; 24K memory points; 7 "display (8 * 18div); Supports USBTMC protocol and SCPI commands
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Oscilloscope Model SDS1000CML+/DL+. 150MHz; 2 channels; 1GSa/s; 2M memory depth; 7" display(8*16div); Support USBTMC protocaol and SCPI command.
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