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4 digit loop powered display with 4-20 mA input signal. Programmable by front keys and menu, protection by password. Dimension: 96 x 48 x 40 mm.

S315, the new indicator of the compact S-Series, is a loop powered, high-performance digital display. The maximum error is only 0.005% with up to 16 bits. S315 stands a measurement loop of the active device (Vmax = 30 V), which must be greater than the maximum voltage across the voltage drop (7V). Programming is possible via the front menu keys. Access can be controlled via passwords. S315 acquires signals 4-20 mA current. All parameters of the con-figuration and display can be set to any menu with access protected by password.

  • Power supply by loop of measure.
  • Current Input 4-20mA.
  • ADC tp 16bit.
  • Loop powered measure (30V Max)
  • Easy navigation on the programming menu through three buttons on the front panel
  • protection index IP65 (with the provided seal)

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