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5-Port Industrial Ethernet (10/100Base-TX) Real-Time Redundant Ring Switch/ supports auto-negotiation feature and auto MDI /MDIX function. Relay output for link lose alarm. Redundant power inputs/ +10VDC~+30VDC

RS-405 series are ICPDAS’ latest real-time redundant ring switches. They can satisfy the requirement for link-lose-backup in the industrial field applications:

Link-Loss-Backup: The Backup path will become Active within 100ms (configurable), and keep the whole LAN working RS-405 series supports versatile topologies:

Versatile Topologies: The proprietary STP protocol of RS-405 allows users to construct more complicated topologies than basic ring architecture. It is also possible to construct a cost effective redundant ring Ethernet LAN by mixing RS-405 with other low cost unmanaged Ethernet Switch, the NS-205/208 series.

Cost Effective Ring Ethernet: Having one RS-405 and other lower cost unmanaged Ethernet switches (e.g. NS-205/208 series) in a ring, this Ethernet LAN is also tolerant to link lose. RS-405 series are equipped with 2 power inputs, which are redundant for each other. The relay output facility can deliver warning signal during power failure or link loss.

Relay Output: The relay output of RS-405 could deliver warning signal when failure on one power input or when link lose. With supporting Modbus/TCP protocol, the administrator of Ethernet LAN can get the information of individual port status of RS-405.

Modbus/TCP: RS-405 series supports Modbus/TCP protocol. Using this protocol, administrator of Ethernet LAN can read port status of RS-405 and SCADA can know the condition of the LAN it's based on.

  • Plug and Play
  • Provides redundant path to Ethernet LAN
  • Support various ring Topologies
  • Real-time performance
  • Certified for harsh industrial environments
  • Support Modbus/TCP protocol to read port status
  • Relay output for link lose alarm
  • Supports redundant power input
  • Din Rail Mount

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