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Wireless temperature data recorder (-20 ~ +60°C) with LCD. Thermocouple input: J/K/T/E/R/S/B/N, terminal block connector, Memory: 16,128 readings/channel, Wireless or USB connection, compatible with Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8. Includes NIST certificate

Wireless temperature recorder for thermocouple with LCD screen. Transmits up to 2000 'maximum (outdoors clear). It brings an included memory to store data internally. Includes integrated temperature sensor for cold junction compensation (CJC). An external thermocouple probe (not included) is required. Accepts thermocouples type J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N. To choose type of input connector for thermocouple: mini-plug connector or removable screw terminal connector.
This device measures ambient temperatures as well as remote temperatures through a thermocouple, making it ideal for monitoring perishable goods, vaccine storage, chemicals and more. The Start, Stop and Discharge functions are performed remotely from the device using a RFC1000 wireless transceiver, allowing the client to spend less time maintaining the temperature recorder. The data can be sent in real time to a PC, or it can be downloaded from the device at intervals of time.
Its digital display offers the current measurements of both channels. The minimum, maximum and average statistics are also displayed. For out-of-range notifications and snapshots, an audible buzzer and an alarm indicator LED notify the user when the temperature is above or below the alarm specified by the user. Through the software, alarms can be sent by email and text messages. The RFTCTemp2000A also has programmable triggers settings for applications where the temperature record is critical only above or below a certain temperature. This information can be programmed into the device, and the data logger will only begin to register in memory once the temperature limit has been exceeded.
The RFTCTemp2000A can be used as an individual wireless data logging system, although it can be expanded to a large scale system, which includes hundreds of recorders measuring a number of areas.

  • Wireless communication (up to 600 m to line of sight outdoors)
  • Supports input for thermocouples type: J, K, T, E, R, S, B and N
  • LCD display for real-time monitoring
  • Battery for 3 years
  • Battery status indicator
  • Audible alarm with indicator LEDs
  • Includes NIST certification.

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