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NOTE: Discontinued product, Recommended product: ThermoVaultX

4-channel/ oven temperature recorder with QuadTemp and external thermocouple probes/ (type K 72" included). Include NIST certificate.

Oven temperature profiling can help ensure that a quality product is consistently produced. Profiling enables users to optimize their process, prove process control and make corrections to a process when required. The QuadThermoVault is a four channel thermally insulated, battery powered, oven temperature recorder able to withstand extreme temperatures. It can withstand oven temperatures of up to 662 ºF for up to 25 minutes when properly sealed. Its stainless steel enclosure and thermal properties lend itself to be the ideal temperature recording device for applications such as powder coating cure ovens, wet coating cure ovens, batch ovens and conveyor ovens. The external thermocouple probes provide accurate temperature measurements, with fast response times.

Our user-friendly software easily downloads the data to a computer, where the readings may be displayed in degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Rankine. The software allows the user to view all data points or a range of data points and a summary of the data being viewed for calculations such as Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT). If additional analysis of the data needs to be performed, the data can be easily exported to Excel® by simply clicking a button.

  • Programmable start time.
  • Reusable.
  • Convenient size.
  • User-friendly.
  • Automatic cold junction compensation.
  • Automatic thermocouple linearization.
  • Type K thermocouples and power supply included.

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