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Thermowell with RTD Pt100 (IEC 751) / Aluminum head against interperie. Ceramic connection box. Diameter of the sheath: 6 ~ 8mm. Process connection: 1/2 g.m. Sheath length: 50mm.

Temperature PT100 probes are devices supplying, through a physical process, temperature measurement to the instruments to which they are connected. These products can be used also in particularly heavy industrial application.

  • Standard Pt100 probe (IEC 751), 3 wires technique, A or B class.
  • Standard cast aluminum weatherproof thermal head.
  • Ceramic connection socket.
  • Sensor wetted parts: AISI 316.
  • Sheath diameter: from 6 up to 8 mm (other measures available on demand).
  • Process connection from ½” g.m. (other measures available on demand).
  • Atmosphere Probe model (ABS, IP65) available on demand.
  • DIN B head type allows the host a signal transmitter giving out a 4..20 mA value, For example, Seneca FlexTop 2201 is a microprocessor converter for Pt100 into 4..20 mA. FlexTop2201 is programmable via PC with FlexProgrammer software toolkit.

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