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Part number:PQ176
PicoScope PQ176 4 Channel Oscilloscope Starter Kit

The Pico PQ176 STARTER Diagnostic Kit includes the 4425A Picoscope module, four PicoBNC+™ test leads and a few accessories. The 4425A uses PicoScope Automotive software which is updated continuously with no subscription costs or in-app purchases. This kit offers a cost-friendly beginning for technicians beginning their PicoScope journey and for those who want to upgrade to the 4425A.

The 4425A generation of Picoscope utilizes PicoBNC+™ that provides smart probe interfacing, powered probes, and status lights on each channel, as well as full compatibility with your existing PicoScope or third-party BNC probes. Image below shows probes with PicoBNC+™ and traditional BNC connected to the 4425A.

  • ±200 V to ±50 mV input ranges with floating inputs
  • Up to 400 M samples/second (Fast enough for FlexRay, CAN FD etc.)
  • 512MB Deep Memory inside the scope (Capture intermittent faults that other scopes miss)
  • ConnectDetect® for confirmation of good contact
  • USB2 or USB3 connectivity to PC
  • Hardware frequency coupling
  • Hardware & software triggers and filters
  • NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) diagnostics
  • Compatible with Pico transducers (WPS500X and WPS600C) and third-party transducers such as the Firstlook.
  • Compatible with Pico NVH interfaces.

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