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Oscilloscope with 2 channels, external trigger, AWG (generator of arbitrary waveforms), 5 MHz bandwidth, memory buffer size of 16 MS, real-time sampling of 10MS/s, with probes.

Low distortion, low noise
The PicoScope 4262 from Pico Technology is a 2-channel, 16-bit high-resolution oscilloscope with a built-in low-distortion signal generator. With its 5 MHz bandwidth, it can easily analyze audio, ultrasonic and vibration signals, characterize noise in switched mode power supplies, measure distortion, and perform a wide range of precision measurement tasks.

Full-featured oscilloscope
The PicoScope 4262 is a full-featured oscilloscope, with a function generator and arbitrary waveform generator that includes a sweep function to enable frequency response analysis. It also offers mask limit testing, math and reference channels, advanced digital triggering, serial decoding, automatic measurements and color persistence display.

Designed for the analog world
When used in spectrum analyzer mode, the scope provides a menu of eleven automatic frequency-domain measurements such as IMD, THD, SFDR and SNR. Its performance is so good that it rivals many dedicated audio analyzers and dynamic signal analyzers costing several times the price. Most digital oscilloscopes have been designed for viewing fast digital signals. The trend has been to use new technology solely to increase sampling rate and bandwidth. With the PicoScope 4262 we have focused on what’s important for measuring analogue signals: increasing the resolution, improving dynamic range, and reducing noise and distortion.

Advanced triggers
As well as the standard range of triggers found on all oscilloscopes, the PicoScope 4262 offers a comprehensive set of advanced digital triggers including pulse width, windowed and dropout triggers to help you capture the data you need.

Digital triggering
Digital triggering reduces trigger errors and allows our oscilloscopes to trigger on the smallest signals, even at the full bandwidth. Trigger levels and hysteresis can be set with great precision and resolution. Digital triggering also reduces re-arm delay and this combined with the segmented memory allows the triggering and capture of events that happen in rapid sequence. At the fastest timebase you can use rapid triggering to capture a new waveform every microsecond. The mask limit testing function can then scan through these waveforms to highlight any failed waveforms for viewing in the waveform buffer.

Arbitrary waveform and function generator
The unit has a built-in signal generator (sine, square, triangle, DC level). As well as basic controls to set level, offset and frequency, more advanced controls allow you to sweep over a range of frequencies. Combined with the spectrum peak hold option, this makes a powerful tool for testing amplifier and filter responses. Also included is a fully programmable arbitrary waveform generator with a 4 k-sample buffer.

High-end features as standard
To protect your investment, both the API and the firmware inside the unit can be updated. We have a long history of providing new features for free via software downloads. Other companies make vague promises about future enhancements but we deliver on our promises year after year. Users of our products reward us by becoming lifelong customers, frequently recommending us to their colleagues.

High signal integrity
Most oscilloscopes are built down to a price; ours are built up to a specification.

Careful front-end design and shielding reduces noise, crosstalk and harmonic distortion. Years of oscilloscope experience enable us to achieve improved pulse response and bandwidth flatness.

We are proud of the dynamic performance of our products and publish these specifications in detail. The result is simple: when you probe a circuit with a PicoScope, you can trust in the data you capture.

  • Low noise.
  • Two channels.
  • 16 MS buffer.
  • 16-bit resolution.
  • 10 MS/s sampling.
  • 5 MHz bandwidth.
  • Advanced digital triggers.
  • Low-distortion signal generator.
  • Arbitrary waveform generator.
  • USB powered.

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