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Part number:PP317
NOTE: Discontinued product. Recommended replacement: PP906 y PP907

PicoScope 2104 USB hand held PC Oscilloscope, 10MHz bandh, 50MS/s Sample rate.

The PicoScope 2104 and 2105 PC Oscilloscopes are connected to and powered entirely by the USB port of a PC or laptop. The market-leading PicoScope software supplied with the oscilloscopes enables analysis of voltage waveforms, includes automatic measurements such as frequency, duty cycle and rise time, and has a variety of trigger settings. It allows the PicoScope 2104 and 2105 to be used as:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Voltmeters, or all three at the same time!
The unit has a built-in probe for convenience, and the probe tip can be easily replaced when needed. Also incorporated is a probe-tip light to illuminate the area being tested - ideal for those hard-to-see connections.

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