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Data recorder model ADC-24 of 16 channels referenced to a single ground or 8 differential input channels, 24-bit resolution, input range +/- 2500mV, 4 digital inputs/outputs, DB25 connector for its inputs.

With 24-bit resolution, the PP312 data logger is capable of detecting small signal changes. It includes both real differential inputs, galvanic isolation, and software-selectable sampling ranges, all contribute to superior noise-free resolution, and ensure that your measurements are reliable and accurate up to 0.1% margin.

To offer you a flexible system each differential input can be configured as 2 simple inputs. This flexibility gives you complete control of which inputs you use. For example, you can configure the equipment to use 4 differential inputs and 8 simple output, or 2 differences and 12 simple, etc.

The flexibility of this data logger allows you to use the PP312 as an advanced muti-channel data acquisition system with a low cost per channel. The PP312 is powered directly by your PC, eliminating the need for batteries or a power supply, and making PP312 an idea when you need a portable data logger. Additionally, the PP312 has 4 channels of configurable outputs/inputs that can be used to control alarms or other devices.

The PP312 comes with the Picolog Data Acquisition Software, powerful and flexible software that allows you to collect, manipulate, analyze, visualize and export the registered data. Up to 1 million readings can be displayed.

  • 24 bits of resolution.
  • 0.1% Precision.
  • 8 differential inputs.
  • 16 simple tickets.
  • Fast conversion time.
  • Digital output for control.
  • Galvanic PC insulation to eliminate noise.
  • Data acquisition software included (Picolog).

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