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Part number:PP264
Hook multimeter with measuring ranges up to 60A AC/DC, with 4mm banana connectors.

The PP264 current probe can measure currents from 10 mA up to 60 A with a switch-selectable high and low range. A simple pushbutton is included for zero adjustment when measuring DC current.

The AC/DC mA Current Clamp is a transducer which will allow your multimeter to measure low electrical or/and electronic current up to 60 amperes AC/DC, with a frequency response up to 20kHz. When measuring current with this clamp, there is no need to break a circuit or to disturb the insulation.

The extended measurement jaws allow performing measurements in a narrow space. When measuring DC current, a simple operating push button is designed for zero adjustment. The clamp adaptor is applicable to leakage detection or monitoring.

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