Data Acquisition PCI DAQ PISO-PS600


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PCI Bus, High-speed, DSP-based, 6-axis Motion Control Card with FRnet Master.

The PISO-PS600 controller combines a new generation 1600 MIPS digital signal processor with a 9526 logic element FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), I/O buffering circuitry, and motion control characterization software to control the position of 6-axis pulse command servo/stepper motors. The PISO-PS600 not only realizes motion control using full-closed loop (or semi-closed loop) operations and error handling, but also adopts feed-forward gain to reduce the speed profile following errors to achieve position control.

The PISO-PS600 can be used on any IPC with a PCI bus, and is suitable for general-purpose motion control applications. This card also contains one FRnet port which allows the fast digital I/O of the IPC to be easily expanded. This two-wired FRnet interface allows a maximum 128 DI and 128 DO channels, which are automatically scanned within a period of 0.72 ms. In additions to its wide speed range, this intelligent motion controller also has a variety of built-in motion control functions, such as 2- to 6-axis linear interpolation, 2- to 3-axis circular interpolation, T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration, and automatic homing, etc.

  • DSP-based motion control card with PCI interface.
  • Independent 6-axis motion control.
  • Support both full-closed and semi-closed control modes.
  • Maximum pulse output frequency: 4 Mpps.
  • Maximum Encoder input frequency: 12 MHz.
  • 4-step home mode with auto-searching.
  • 2- to 6-axis linear/2- to 3-axis circular interpolation function.
  • Programmable T/S-curve acceleration and deceleration.
  • Change speed and position on the fly.
  • High-speed position latch and compare trigger.
  • Fully-functional manual-pulse-generator and jog functions.
  • Expandable Remote I/O: 128 DI and 128 DO via a two-wire FRnet interface.

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