Data Acquisition PCI DAQ PISO-Encoder300


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Part number:PISO-Encoder300
PCI Bus 3 Axis Encoder Input Board. Includes CA-SC68, SCSI-II 68-pin Male Connector (Solder Type)

PISO-ENCODER/300/600 has a 3-axis or 6-axis encoder counter. Each axis has a 32-bit, true counter with maximum counting rate of 1MHz. The Index reset resets by using a C+/C- channel, which will reset every revolution. The hardware reset resets by an external pin (HR1 ~ HR6). The HR1 ~ HR6 also can be a digital input. 8-channel digital outputs are also provided. 2500Vrms photo couplers isolate the digital I/O. This board provides DOS, windows 95 and windows NT drivers.

  • PCI bus
  • 3-axis Encoder counter
  • True 32 bits counter
  • Maximum counting rate: 1MHz.
  • Third-order internal digital filter.
  • Counting mode: Quadrant, CW_CCW, PULSE_DIR
  • A+, A-, B+, B-, C+, C- inputs.
  • Programmable reset counter function.
  • Index (C channel) reset counter function.
  • Hardware reset (HR1 ~ HR6), reset counter function
  • SCSI-II 68-pin connector.

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