Communication CANopen DAQ PISO-CPM100U-T


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Part number:PISO-CPM100U-T
Intelligent CANopen Master Univeral PC Communication Board with Screw Terminal

The PISO-CPM100U has followed the CiA CANopen specification DS-301 V4.02. With the built-in 80186 80M Hz CPU, this card can be applied in high transmission applications. The 16-bit on-board microcontroller with real-time O.S., MiniOS7, allows many features, such as real-time message transmission and reception, filtering, preprocessing, and storage of CAN messages. It supports the timestamp of PDO message with at least 1 ms precision. Assorted with the free tool (CPM_Utility), users can easily manage and integrate with CANopen industrial devices.

  • NMT: Master
  • CANopen Version: DS-301 v4.02
  • Error Control: Support Guarding and Heart beat protocol
  • Support EMCY receiving
  • Provide dynamic PDO functions
  • Provide 5 sets of SYNC cyclic transmission
  • Transmission type of PDO is supported
  • Support Multi-Master to Single-Slave architecture
  • Auto select with expedition mode or segment mode
  • Support load EDS file
  • Support Windows 2K/XP

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