Data Acquisition PCI DAQ PISO-730A


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Part number:PISO-730A
32 Channel TTL-level Digital I/O, 16 Channel Optically Isolated Digital Input and 16 Open-Collector Digital Output Board (Current Sinking).

The PISO-730A provides 32 channels isolated digital I/O (16 DI and 16 DO) and 32 channels TTL-level digital I/O (16 DI and 16 DO). Each digital output offers a PNP transistor and integral suppression diode for inductive load. The board interface to field logic signals, eliminating ground-loop problems and isolating the host PC from damaging voltages. Its isolated I/O channels provide up to 3750Vdc of protection.

The PISO-730A has one 37-pin D-type connector and two 20-pin flat-cable connectors. The flat-cable can be connected to ADP-20/PCI adapter. The adapter can be fixed on the chassis. It can be installed in a 5V PCI slot and can support truly "Plug and Play"

  • PCI Bus
  • 16 isolated DI/DO channels
  • 32 TTL-level DIO channels (16 x DI & 16 x DO)
  • DC/DC converter built-in
  • One DB-37 D-type connector for isolation input and output
  • Two separate 20-pin connectors for non-isolated input and output channels.
  • 3750Vdc isolation voltage
  • n Interrupt: 2 channels
  • 5V PCI board

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