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The PCIe-DIO24 digital board has PCI Express bus. Features include 24 DIO, selectable logic, high current output, and 82C55 mode 0 emulation. This device provide easy migration from select PCI and ISA-based digital boards.

The PCIe-DIO24 provides 24 lines of digital I/O with selectable 3.3 V and 5 V logic levels. The 24 DIO lines are organized into three groups of 8-bits each (Port A, Port B, and Port C). Port C can be further divided into two four-bit ports (Port C-HI and Port C-LO). The direction of each port is independently configurable with software for either input or output. Digital outputs are HC logic and can source and sink 2.5 mA.

The PCIe-DIO24 has a 10 k resistor network associated with each digital port. You can configure each port for pull-up or pull-down with software. On power up and reset the configuration of each port is read from EEPROM. The board is shipped with each port configured in the pull-up state.

Digital I/O lines are accessible through a 37-pin D-type connector. The board has two individual slow blow fuses rated at 0.375 amp to protect the +VDIO and +12V outputs on the connector. One spare fuse is provided.

Software programs written with the Universal Library for the USB-DIO24/37, PCI-DIO24 and CIO-DIO24 devices are fully compatible with the PCIe-DIO24. Power is provided by the PCI Express slot. The PCIe-DIO24 board is completely plug-and-play. All board addresses are set by the board's plug-and-play software. Board configuration is controlled by the system BIOS.

  • 24 digital I/O channels with selectable logic levels of 3.3 V and 5 V:
    Port A 8 bits, Port B 8 bits, Port C 8 bits (which can be divided into 4 bits C-HI, and 4-bit C-LO)
  • Plug and play
  • Emulates the 82C55 zero mode
  • Software selectable with pull-up and pull-down resistor configurations
  • Digital I/O lines are accessed through a 37-pin D type connector
  • Software and connector compatibility with PCI-DIO24 and CIO-DIO24

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