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Part number:PCI-TMC12A
NOTE: Discontinued product. Recommended replacement: PCI-TMC12AU

12- channel 16 bit timer/counter /16 digital input/16 digital output/ 4 interrupt source/

The PCI-TMC12A is a PCI-Bus general purpose timer / counter and digital I/O board. It provides twelve channels of 16-bit timer / counter. Tw internal clock source (8M / 1.6M and 0.8M / 80K) are selected by jumpers. Four 8254 chips provides a variety of powerful timer / counter function modes to match your industrail and laboratory applications.

  • On board four 8254 timer / counter chips
  • Twelve independent 16-bit timers / counters
  • Twelve external clock inputs
  • Twelve external gate control inputs
  • Twelve timer / Counter Outputs
  • 16-bit Timer / Counter can be cascated to 32 / 48 -bit
  • Gate input can be from external or previous timer / counter output
  • Four interrupt sources
  • Two internal clock sources
  • 16-channel of D/I and D/O
  • Old program designed for tmc12 can be executed on tmc12A without any modification
  • Flexible interrupt mechanism
  • Hardware mechanism for 2 starting-clock generation
  • Sofrtware:
    • Toolkit for DOS
    • Toolkit for Windows 95/98
    • Toolkit for Windows NT
    • Toolkit for Windows 2000/XP
    • LabVIEW toolkit for Windows
    • Toolkit for OCX 95/98
    • Toolkit for OCX NT
    • Driver for LINUX

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