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Univeral PCI Rentative Memory Board with 12 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs.

The PCI-M512U provides battery-backup 512 KB SRAM, 12-bit DI and 16-bit DO. In addition, the PCI-M512U supports both 5 V and 3.3 V PCI bus, while the PCI-M512 supports 5 V PCI bus only. The PCI-M512U (Universal PCI version) is designed as a drop-in replacement for the PCI-M512 (PCI version), so users can replace a PCI-M512 by a PCI-M512U directly without any software or driver modification.

Users can use the DB-16P to connect the input ports (CN2) for isolation purpose, or use DB-16R to interface to the output ports (CN1) for relay control.

The PCI-M512U is equipped with two Li-batteries to maintain the content of the 512 KB SRAM when PC power loss occurs. The two Li-batteries can continue supplying power to the SRAM to retain the important data for 10 years. The two-battery design also makes it safe to replace new batteries without losing data; when one battery is taken out for replacing a new one, the other continues to provide power to the SRAM.

4 LED indicators on the board are provided for giving clear understanding of the battery states such as normal, low voltage or fault. The PCI-M512U is an ideal solution for improving system reliability.

  • On-board 512 KB SRAM.
  • Two Li-batteries, BT1 & BT2, for dual battery-backup the data of the SRAM.
  • LED indicators for Li-batteries states: normal, low voltage, fault.
  • 16-bit general purpose TTL-compatible D/O.
  • 12-bit general purpose TTL-compatible D/I (DI4 ~ 15).
  • 4-bit battery status read back (DI0 ~ 3).
  • Universal PCI card, supports both 5 V and 3.3 V PCI bus.

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