Data Acquisition PCI DAQ PCI-D64HU


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Part number:PCI-D64HU
40 MB/s High-speed 32-CH DI and 32-CH DO Universal PCI DIO Card.

PCI-D64HU is a high-speed digital I/O card consisting of 32 digital input channels and 32 digital output channels. High-performance designs make this card perfect for high-speed data transfer and pattern generation applications.

The PCI-D64HU performs high-speed data transfer by bus-mastering DMA via 32-bit PCI bus. The maximum data transfer rate can be up to 40 MB per second. Several digital I/O transfer modes are supported, such as direct programmed I/O control, timer pacer control, external clock mode and handshaking mode. It’s a reliable and cost-effective connection interface that works on your computer system to control high-speed peripherals.

  • Support 32-bit, 33 MHz Universal PCI bus
  • 32-CH 5 V TTL digital inputs
  • 32-CH 5 V TTL digital outputs
  • 2-CH bus mastering scatter/gather DMA
  • Data transfer rate up to 40 MB/s for each channel
  • Support 4 data transfer modes:
    • Direct program control mode
    • Internal timer pacer mode
    • External clock mode (DI only)
    • Handshaking mode
  • On board 1 k/2 k DWORD FIFO for DI/DO respectively
  • DO FIFO support ring buffer mode
  • No bus loading in repetitive pattern generation application
  • Programmable input digital filter for all input signals including handshaking and trigger signals

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