PyroCouple infra-red PC301MT-0


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Infrared Temperature Sensor with 4~20mA Output, Temperature Range from 0°C to 250°C, and Optical Resolution of 30:1

The PyroCouple series comprises compact, high-quality, and cost-effective sensors that measure the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects or materials. They measure temperatures from -20°C to 500°C, precisely and consistently, with an outstanding response time of 240 ms.

PyroCouple sensors are available in two-wire or four-wire units.

Two-wire sensors transmit the target temperature as a 4~20 mA output and provide a simple solution for non-contact temperature measurement applications.

Four-wire sensors transmit the target temperature as a 0~50 mV or thermocouple (type J, K, or T) output plus the internal sensor temperature as a 4~20 mA output. This second output can be used to ensure that the sensor is operating within the correct environment and prevents damage caused by overheating or overcooling. It can also be used to provide approximate indications of the air temperature surrounding the sensor.

All PyroCouple sensors are designed with germanium lenses for precise optics. The PC21 model has a 2:1 optics ratio, making it ideal for many applications where the sensor can be mounted close to the target. The PC151 model is designed for small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 15:1. The PC301 model is designed for very small or distant targets and has an optical resolution of 30:1. The PCCF model is designed for targets as small as 5mm in diameter at a distance of 100mm from the sensor.


  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 250°C
  • Emissivity Setting: Fixed at 0.95
  • Two-wire output of 4~20mA
  • Field of View: 30:1
  • Quick response with high stability
  • Stainless steel housing, sealed to IP65
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Optional accessories: mounting brackets, laser sighting, air blowing collar

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