Maintain Comfort While Minimizing Energy Cost with Data Loggers

Posted by Alejandro Ruiz on 5/15/2020 to All posts
Maintain Comfort While Minimizing Energy Cost with Data Loggers

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a necessity in keeping commercial and residential environments safe, comfortable, and efficient. If HVAC systems are improperly functioning, maintaining comfort while minimizing energy costs can be difficult. New energy efficiency standards have also prompted commercial and residential facilities to monitor and update outdated equipment to adhere to new regulations. The use of data loggers can provide a cost-effective solution to monitor and pinpoint HVAC system discrepancies.

Data loggers recording temperature, humidity, pressure, power usage, and carbon dioxide provide the information to help find those discrepancies and equipment that prove to be faulty. Parameters can also provide accurate monitoring of each HVAC unit to ensure the system is functioning up to standard regulations.

Once the information from the data loggers is collected, a solution can be determined to correct any discrepancies and to optimize equipment. MadgeTech data loggers enable accurate monitoring of HVAC systems helping, identify mechanical discrepancies, energy consumption, and maintaining comfortable interior space. MadgeTech’s RFTemp2000A and RFRHTemp2000A can provide some of these solutions by monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity.

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