Analog input card LBAI17183


Price: $254.10

Part number:LBAI17183

Analog input card with 3 channels for expand Paperless Recorder LBVR06 and LBVR18.

  • Resolution: 18 bits
  • Sampling frequency: 5 times/second
  • Maximum rating: minimum -2 VDC, maximum 12 VDC (1 minute for mA input)
  • Thermal effect: ± 1.5 µV/µC for all inputs except mA ± 3.0 µV/µC for the mA input
  • Resistance effect of the sensor cable:
    • T/C: 0.2uV/ohm
  • 3-wire RTD: resistance difference between two cables: 2.6 µC/ohm
  • RTD 2 cables: sum of the resistance of two cables: 2.6 µC/ohm
  • Burning current: 200nA
  • Common mode rejection ratio (RRMC): 120dB
  • Rejection ratio in normal mode (RRMN): 55dB
  • Isolation rupture voltage between channels: 430VAC min.
  • Detection of sensor failure:
    • Open sensor for TC, RTD and mV inputs, less than 1 mA for 4-20mA input, less than 0.25V for 1-5V inputs, not available for other inputs
  • Sensor fault response time:
    • Up to 10 seconds for TC, RTD and mV inputs, 0.1 second for inputs 4-20 mA and 1-5V

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