Internet of things within Medicine

Posted by Estrada Roque José Antonio on 1/30/2019

IoT in Medicine

Within the everyday world, the Iot has the ability to assign loads for teams of doctors, since that can reduce the waiting lists in diagnostic centers. The flow of data that can be displayed provides a complete picture of the patient's illness, allowing doctors to respond to any change in a timely manner. Special devices measure important biometric data of the patient and pass them to the cloud for processing and storage. In this way, nurses can visit the wards of patients who are in need at that particular time.


In the use of the Internet of things in our lives is more than evident. Maybe you have noticed how many devices connected to the network we use every day. In this aspect, medicine is one of the sectors that has received the greatest impact because of IoT, an industry in which the appearance of connected objects is somewhat more frequent.
Arriving at this point, it is unthinkable to know an evolution in separate medicine with the Internet of Things. The trend shows that we are on our way to a society in which the devices will be so easy to use that they will soon become part of the patients' daily lives, improving their lifestyle in an impressive way.


The medication filling machine is used to fill the medication in bottles for oral liquid. In this application we use the servo series Kinco ED and HMI to achieve a high precision filling.

  • When the sensor detected the arrival of the medicine bottles, the jets will be inserted into the bottles and the servomotor will follow the speed of the feeding motor. At the same time, the filling motor will follow the jet servo to fill the medication in the bottles.
  • Take advantage of the following function of the servo ED. Connect the encoder of the power motor to the "master encoder" interface of the jet servomotor, then the servo will follow the encoder speed of the power motor. With the same principle, connect
  • the "Encoder output" interface to the "Master Encoder" interface of the filling servo controller.
  • Use the homing method of the servo ED to make the plunger pumps at the same altitude.
  • Use the bottle detection signal to activate the servo ED sequence to start the next function.
  • Use Kinco HMI to communicate with PLC and ED SERVO. Then we can modify the servo ED parameters and control servo and PLC.


  1. Excellent tracking function of ED Servo.ED Servo Support up to 2MHz Response frequency.
  2. Internal sequence function of servo ED. You can program the motion curve in the internal sequence of the servo ED. And then the PLC only needs to use some digital outputs to call the sequence.
  3. HMI communicates with ED Servo directly. You can control ED Servo, set the parameters and monitor the status of the servo.
  • The internet of things refers to the fact that in the future all the objects that are around us will have the ability to connect to the network, being able to collect information, process it and share it. This internet of things will offer a whole world full of possibilities since there will be more things on the internet than people using the internet. The Internet of things will allow a better quality of life, since it has the ability to collect, analyze such data that together can be converted into important information and knowledge.

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