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Part number:ISO-DA8
14 bit 8 Channel Isolated Analog Output Board.

The ISO-DA8 is bus-type isolated 14-bit D/A card for PC/AT compatible computers. The optical isolation of the ISO-DA8 can operate with up to 2500 VDC of common-mode voltage. The ISO-DA8 offers 8-channel double-buffered analog output. The output range may be configured from these ranges : +/-10 V, +/-5 V, 0~10 V, 0~ 5 V voltages output or 4 ~ 20 mA or 0 ~ 20 mA current loops sink. The board*s innovative design improve several drawbacks of the conventional isolated D/A card . For example : 1. Jumperless,Trimless 2. The power-on value of analog output can be pre-defined by the user and stored in the on board EEPROM 3. High channel count output can be designed implemented in half size. 4. The calibration is performed under software control, thus eliminating manual trimpot adjustments. The calibration data is stored in EEPROM. Easy recalibration ensures the accuracy of the board.

  • Built-in DC/DC converter with 3000 VDC isolation.
  • ISA bus.
  • 2500 VDC photo-isolation protection.
  • 8-channel, 14-bit analog output.
  • Voltage/current outputs from each converter.
  • Output Type ( Unipolar or Bipolar ) and output range ( 0 ~ 5 V, +/-5 V, 0 ~ 10 V, +/-10 V) can be software programmable.
  • 4 ~ 20 mA current sink to ground from each converter.
  • Double-buffered D/A latch.
  • Command set programming.
  • Software Calibration.

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