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Part number:IND-15520-NT-UPG
Local Interface for Windows: SCADA/HMI for Desktop/Server Upgrades development package from a prior version to the most current version.

Indusoft web studio is a powerful collection of automation tools that provide all the automation building blocks to develop HMI's, SCADA systems and embedded instrumentation solutions.
Use the integrated web technologies of InduSoft to take advantage of Internet / Intranet connectivity.

  • Save time: View processes from your desktop or mobile phone with web browsing using a standard browser (Supports XML Internet / Intranet)
  • Clear Information: Multi-language (UNICODE) so operators understand immediately
  • Save Money: Develop only once and run on any supported Microsoft platform including Windows CE, Mobile, XP Embedded, and server editions.
  • Flexibility: Support for your controller or PLC, more than 200 drivers, OPC (client and server) and TCP / IP
  • Solve Problems Quickly: Understand alarms quickly, on-screen display, or via E-mail, PDA, cell phones or web browsers
  • Business Integration: Comparable with ERP and back office systems using integrated relational database connectivity
  • Redusca Muertos Muertos: Use free technologies (ActiveX, .NET) to view documentation, video or audio repair messages
  • Important Information: the information you need for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and overall equipment performance (OEE)
  • Global Trust: Since 1997, InduSoft has issued more than 125,000 licenses.
Technical characteristics
  • Design Tools: Graphical and design tools to save your development time
  • Thin Clients: 3 types of Thin Clients, to view information remotely anywhere
  • Alarms: Sophisticated management of alarm management systems
  • Redundancy: Supports server and database redundancy
  • Active X and .NET: Get extra features using ActiveX or .NET controls
  • Events: Track events that occur with this easy-to-use feature
  • Scripting: Supports 2 different types of scripting languages ??(VBScript and IWS functions)
  • Security: Protection of passwords, objects, edition and more ...
  • Reports: Easy creation and manipulation of reports
  • Diagnostics: Easy problem solving and project testing
  • Database: Supports any SQL relational database
  • Controllers / OPC: InduSoft has more than 250 integrated controllers, there is no need to use OPC servodrives every time the communication is necessary
  • Download: Integrated project installation tools makes the execution of these very easy and fast

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