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Integrated input / output serial controller with 8 slots, 7-segment 7-segment display, DCON protocol, ethernet port, RS 232 port, RS 485 port, 512Kb SRAM, 512KB flash, NVRAM, Real-time clock.

The I-8430 and I-8830 are embedded Ethernet I/O units using DCON Protocol Firmware. Provides various I/O modules, such as analog input/output, digital input/output and counter/frequcncy modules, which can be used in remote data acquisition and control applications for environment monitoring, power management and factory automation, etc via Ethernet Port or RS-232 Port. The CPU is a 8-bit 80188 (40MHz). Apart from the original functions (input, output, power on value, safe value, high limit value, low limit value) of the I/O module, the firmware provides additional functions to allow I/O modules in different slots to be combined together. For example, if the channel value of an AI module is above a predefined high limit value, or below a predefined low limit value, the information can be immediately passed to another DO module to trigger alarm or light.

  • Supports IPv4.
  • Supports the Ethernet or RS-232 communication interface.
  • Supports DCON communication protocol
  • Dual Bus designed to supports I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules, such as DI/DO, AI/AO, Counter/Frequency modules.
  • Compact I/O Expansion slot allows the quick installation of various 8K and 87K I/O modules

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