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Part number:I-8817-G
Integrated input / output serial controller with 8 slots based on ISaGRAFm, 5-segment 7-segment display, RS 232 port, RS 485 port, 512Kb SRAM, 512KB flash, NVRAM, Real-time clock, MiniOS7.

The ISaGRAF i-8000 Series (I-8437-80/8837-80, I-8417/8817) is an ISaGRAF PAC and includes ISaGRAF SoftLogic, ISaGRAF is a Windows programming tools and also provides powerful debugging tools including Online Monitor and Control and also Offline Simulation. There are more than 300 function blocks built-in the PAC for various Industrial Applications including PID, motion, remote IO, serial communication, SMS, retain variable, scaling, etc. In hardware, I-8xx7 has 3 or 4 serial ports, support Modbus RTU slave protocol and it can easily communicate with PC/HMI/OPC Server and Touch panel. The I-8xx7 also supports up to 2 COM ports of Modbus RTU / ASCII master protocol to integrate with other Modbus devices. The I-8x37-80 has one 10M Ethernet port. The I-8xx7 supports various High/Low profile I/O modules. The user can choose Local I/O modules:I-8K/I-87K I/O modules and RS-485 Remote I/O modules:I-7000 or expansion units (I-87Kn or RU-87Pn) plugged with I-87K serial I/O modules. Compared to I-8437/8837 (It has phased out), I-8x37-80 is 2 ~ 4 times faster.

  • 80186, 40 MHz or 80186, 80 MHz CPU
  • MiniOS7 Inside
  • Development Software: ISaGRAF Ver.3
  • SRAM: 512 KB
  • Flash: 512 KB
  • 4/8 Slots for I-87K High/Low Profile I/O Modules
  • 10 M Ethernet Ports (for I-8x37-80)
  • 3/4 Serial Ports (RS-232/485)
  • operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75 °C

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